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Maria Nickolay returns with her much anticipated new EP, ‘Wolves.' So much heart and soul has been poured into this project as Maria shares 5 songs filled with honesty and a depth of human experience. Maria brings her familiar poetic melodies and lyrical intentionality to this project, challenging what we’ve come to expect from folk music, while also providing her signature grace and grit filled vocal performance. Collaborating on this EP with a fantastic ensemble of musicians from her new home in Belfast, Northern Ireland, 'Wolves' delivers a larger than life sound that seamlessly melds with Maria’s timelessly authentic songwriting, allowing it to soar to new heights. Fans of her music, both old and new, will be astounded by this ground-breaking piece of art.

Wolves - EP

  • All songs written by Maria Nickolay

    Produced by Pete Wallace
    Mixed by Matt Weir
    Mastered by Fergal Davis

    Maria Nickolay ~ Vocals and acoustic guitar
    Pete Wallace ~ Electric guitar, acoustic guitar, percussion and programming
    Matt Weir ~ Drums
    Adam Booth ~ Bass guitar
    Colm McClean ~ Electric Guitar
    Matt Evans ~ Keys
    Rachel Toman ~ Keys
    Danny McCann-Williams ~ Violin
    Jackson Nickolay ~ Penny Whistle 

    EP Artwork:
    Photos by Ashleigh Scarlett McClurg, Paul Sundberg and Maria Nickolay
    Cover Art by Glenn Kenedy

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